Resilient and sustainable cities: Circular Cities

June 2-3, 2021


Beyond a conference,
it’s the future!

Today’s cities produce up to 80% of the greenhouse gas emissions, demand two-thirds of global energy and produce 50% of the global waste. Despite the current situation, cities and regions can unlock their potential for sustainability as promoters, facilitators and enablers of the circular economy through adequate governance, economic initiatives and informed citizens.

Resilient and sustainable cities: Circular Cities is an international conference located in Romania where passionate, visionary and active stakeholders are the ones who create and re-create sustainable urban settlements with an underlying circular vision.

Conference structure
Circular Cities

The first part of the conference looks at the concept of resilience in general, trying to define its forms under special conditions, Particularly in the current face of the COVID_19 crisis. 

The second part of the conference is focused on the need to adopt an urban design that respects the primary mechanisms for preserving the natural landscape in the urban habitat and for building or preserving urban memory and social behavior and civic of the city community.

In the third part, we aim to focus attention on future solutions created by complex urban engineering that develop behavioral and economic models designed to ensure the durability of resilient urban development. Circular cities, smart cities, etc.

Round Table

The conference will be concluded by inviting specialists from all fields around the same table to draw up and launch a concluding statement.


Secretary to the Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management · ‎United Nations Economic Commission for Europe


Co-Founder of the Placemaking Fund (The Social Life Project and PlacemakingX)

The Venue

Online, 71-73 Dorobantilor Avenue, 400609 Cluj-Napoca, Romania